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e.saucce – never shy away lyrics


thanking god for keeping me awake
i’m rapping to you all today
and, and nothing ain’t changed much
just some so-called real brothers changed up
come to think of it they were never really brave enough
when your popular ain’t gotta do or say much
and watch the lies people ‘ll make up
but while that may not matter if you know yourself
well, a lotta people they don’t know themselves

i ain’t bragging, i’m just being honest
i would never get a win if i didn’t take my losses
if i never dropped my pride by the wayside
my behaviour i don’t ever think would satisfy
my mum or my dad, or maybe even my brothers too
them man who tell you there your bros but ain’t got love for you
them girlfriends or boyfriends who wouldn’t give a hug to you
when your feeling down, and when it’s good they mess it up for you

you should never let a selfish person in your life
whether they’re just a friend or maybe it’s your future wife
always stand tall and say what you gotta say
i promise you it’s for the best, and it’s the only way
that you can live your life without being put on a shelf
and please, i’m begging you, don’t live your life for someone else
9 out of 10 they ain’t got love for you, they’re probably snakes
i’m talking from experience, i learnt the hard way

don’t try to please, cause when you take that l
best believe your gonna be the one dragged in a trail
you don’t wanna be in custody, or in a jail cell
or worst still have a criminal record as well
so in a nutsh-ll, keep friends that inspire you
to do the right thing – and stick to them like glue
and if they don’t treat you nicely they ain’t right for you
but i promise you’ll find that one or two that ride for you

certain man ain’t on this, that’s why i left man
i keep the clean-hearted people that respect man
i may not have that many friends, but all my friends are true
and help me in times of need, not gonna lie to you

always speak whats on your mind
never shy away
cuz with the power of speech there’ll be a brighter day
just look at “i have a dream” by martin luther k
without him and mandela there wouldn’t be today
so tell me what is it stopping you from being the change
is it your friends, your role model or the things people say
if it is snapchat i suggest you put that phone away
devote the time that you will gain to giving god some praise