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eddie noack – shake hands with the blues lyrics


[verse 1]
don’t know where i’m going
or where i’ve been
do the blues follow me
or do i follow them?
when you see me coming
expect bad news
’cause when you meet me, mister
you’ll shake hands with the blues

if i’m all alone
or out in a crowd
look close and you’ll see
a little black cloud
raining blues down on me
from my head to my shoes
lord, i’m always lonely
so shake hands with the blues

[piano solo]

[verse 2]
that gal i love
don’t care for me
and i can’t get along with
the one that loves me
i was born during hard times
and i’m telling you
they ain’t nеver got better
so shakе hands with the blues
when i walk through the city
and this ain’t no lie
the little kids on the sidewalk
stop their games when i go by
guess i’d better be going
i got nothing ‘gainst you
if anyone should ask you
tell ’em you just shook hands with the blues

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