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edward skeletrix – lyrics


i ain’t build b+tches, i don’t know what to say
and the choppa f+ck n+++as i ain’t know was g+y
what these n+++as actin for? they gotta be in a play
and this sh+t not even real, so we in the play
ten n+++as deep, textin’ sh+t, feel like a slave
shout+out elon, got that brain chip
three [?] as f+ck, pringles with the chips
and n+++as sad as f+ck, smoke the hoes up
[?] that window
that was me, i was tryna bust temple
that lil’ [?] she just called me [?]
and pour a feast, no, this is not rico
yeah, cover my side, cover my side, cover my side, cover my side
i ain’t even sigh
roll me it like i’m sonic
yeah, these bands don’t make no sense
diamonds hittin’ white like, like they mike pence
yea, margiela tee, all you see is circle six
just pack it up, you got work at six
[?] a rinse, [?] my wrist
slit my wrist, this sh+t a rinse
[?] hand to wash my d+ck with
i don’t want no p+ss kink
edward skeletrix, ugly as sh+t
[?] heaven+sent
i just wondering why she by my d+ck, though
[?] lovin’ all these hoes
i just asked her, “what’s your social security code?”
and i told that b+tch, “go and touch your toes”

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