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edyta gorniak – sleep with me lyrics


this dream; reality
who made it all the same?
one world of shades, one world of colors
one man not quite insane
decoding, moving, feeling
i’m finding out what this really means
my ear so tickled by this foreign tongue
how can i rightly choose?
you were dancing; i saw s-xing
you were psychotherapized
all wore clothes but i was naked
naked swimming in your eyes
waves are born of friction
wind and water; tide and sand
so i surf the seam to cross
this lonely no man’s land
just when i decide to stay and love this filthy place
crack and crevice; thriving, seething
mold to fill each empty sp-ce
it’s an engine feeding on itself
autocannibalistic pure display
“give me rot; i’ll give back life
give me life; i’ll make decay”
then you see the shining memory
still dancing in my eyes
and beg to step inside my dream
so sleep with me
i’ve tasted your reality
it’s only fair now; share my dream
i’ve tasted your reality
it’s time to go; come sleep with me
we have to play this differently
i’ll wrap you up inside of me
disguised; i’m sure they’ll let us stay
so two as one we’ll reach that sh-r-
receding waves make two once more
but now we’re turned the other way
and i was told that i could see but should not tell
and know it all but have to keep it to myself
that i could come and go just as i please
but never, ever should i duplicate the keys
rise and fall; hold and lose
bleed and heal; fill and burst
hush and scream till you
know and know and know and know
a f-cking sacred pool of certainty
sleep with me
float down; white ash serenity
cold gl-ss of relativity
as two it burns so pleasantly
we have each other; sleep with me
all flesh and wind we go out in the day
all smoke and shadow in the night