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electrico – electricorp. lyrics


hey there, look at you, keep on asking what i do
& you’re laughing
& making fun of me

think it’s crazy, what you’ll find, if you think about
if there’s really not much time
to care too much about your currency

you gotta live a little more than the guy next door
you gotta rock this city tonight

i say hey there, look at you
you’ve got sunshine in your shoes
you lookin so fine, so why are you staring at me?

cos you’ve got fancy cars
& all i’ve got is this old guitar
but i know you know who you’d rather be

i don’t need no fake black suit
i’m gonna rock this city for love!

who’s that girl in your car
sitting there all dressed up
i’ve got someone too in my van
yeah you look cool in your shades
& your roof down
but at least i know mine’s not a man

& when your night’s over
& you’re watching me on mtv
the song we are playing, it goes on & on & on

you lookin’ so cool with your shades
& your roof down
but it’s doing nothing for me
with those shades on, i can’t see

the $ don’t matter
cos sooner or later it’s gone
($ don’t matter cos sooner or later it’s gone)