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eli waltz – tourin’ the thrush lyrics


[verse 1]
tourin’ the thrush
and over the moon
spilled glass o’ milk
i got the blues
worn to the bone
and late walks alone
tall tales of withering

[verse 2]
first fistfight follows
a crash at the ball
the king tries to tell her
“go home”
but she runs the gambling rings
and runs to the phone
cries, “operator
we’re through”

tell them that jack the knife
is more than a friend
tell them they look good
just dance
see that young barman
he came and he went
see that my mother gets home
see that dad’s shoes will be worn
[verse 3]
rockabye rolls on
the locomotive
feeling around
in the dark
but chair gets knocked over
and i lose the blues
finally found
the old man

sharpen your knives
for generations
tie the noose high
for your friends
i’ll be just watchin’
dancing bears thrash
carnies’ll be popping the corn
louie can be found by his h+rn

[instrumental break]

gone out the ward
finally free
find the old farm
and chop that old tree
get out my morgue
i need to breathe
lord the game’s over
it’s time to admit
pass me the telephone
cranes in the car wash
stare as we sin
you hangin’ onto my arm
swear i ain’t lost my charm

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