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elias hulk – we can fly (2022 remaster) lyrics


[verse 1]
if you see me coming, you don’t have to be afraid
i’m only here to help you, i’m only here to see
so come with me if you’re ready to go and i’ll take you by your hand
i’ll take you to places you dream about or in a far off land

[verse 2]
oh, baby, i can see you going seeing there, the road
i don’t need no warn to tell me, you might hade or go
i got such a good reason for leaving you behind, oh

[instrumental break]

[verse 3]
i can see you’re ready to recognize my face
now your fears are almost gone, a smile in its place
you’re leaving here, but you won’t be alone ’cause i’ll be by your side
you see it’s all a dream and more, you’ll never have to hide
on my only way

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