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elise mcbear – love in the club lyrics


[verse 1]
why did you leave me
there’s only love for me
no no, baby, please, i’m harmless
i tried to love, but its hopeless (hopeless)
im crying, tryin to figure out why you hurt me
oh by saying “i love you” thats sound like a lie
and why did you hurt me i only have a life

no love in the club, because i shed a tear
yelling me “stop crying!” i wish i wrent here
no love in the club, i dont have someone now
i just wish i wasn’t here, im all alone now

[verse 2]
no one’s left today
you gonna talk your sh-t, today
no one’s gonna believe me it feels the same
n0body want me, im just a lone girl who got some shame
ok, i want somebody please
why did he even slapped me
i know you be looking off me, cause im just dumb who want to be