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elvenpath – the land that could not be lyrics


in the east where the sun would rise
i know a country in disguise
can t speak your word, can t breathe without fear
for every minute death is near
for 20 years they ve been fighting so hard
fighting for justice, to live by their hearts
when the army of darkness came
to bring them hatred s burning flame

clouds of hate blacken the sky
here s no sun to watch them die
death and terror for the free
in the land that could not be

forbidden soil that must not exist
a million hands turning into fists
forever they ll fight for their honour and land
a million graves in the sand
what will you do if they carry on
they will come to you next after this land is gone
a hungry monster with greed for guilt
until the last drop of blood is spilt

tell me how much longer will it take
until they can see the light
still the world watches on
how much longer will they have to fight