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embryo – escape from your fears lyrics


i wake up in this f-ckin’ morning
tryin’ to find if there is something new
i’m still trapped in this useless world
that it seems to me like a little four walls room

with no windows and no doors
i see changes growing near
your failure is so close
and your shame is now real

if you’re not ready for me
i’ll crawl like death into your lives
you won’t forget me
too late to pray for heaven’s hand

wait for me
condemned to sacrifice your dreams
and disappear into the fire

a dynasty to blame
and completely eradicate

you’re in a corner, trapped
lost to yourselves
you pray for turning back
you’d like to breath the air
and gaze at the sky
prepare to join the ground

i see the terror in the depths of your eyes
your hopes and smiles smashed by sad reality
kneel and pray if you think it would be useful
but i can’t think that your prayers will come true

‘cause you’re nothing else than dust
you have to drown into your tears
you’re sentencing for your l-st
too late to escape from your fears