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emerna – adrift in nothingness lyrics


resumption of life in an unreal day.
revisioning the earth by colorless eyes.
awaiting hopeless for desired life.
with beautiful purports of accidents.

leaving the innocent love because of accidence and real.
leaving the innocent moon because of remorseless

captive in a trap between two simple answers.
captive in traps of meanings captive in knowledge.

how i begin again and how i deceive myself?
how i believe in lies and how i accept non existence?

how i suffer the reality of existence?
and how i suffer my unreal purports?

how i believe in love and how i believe in hate?
please someone tell me how i stay here?

how i stay in dreams? how i stay in whites?
how i live in death? how i die in lies?
how i see my truth? how i paint my look?
how i write my poem? how i sing my song?
how i feel my love? how i hate my foe?
how i stay with mind? how i stay with lie?

how i feel my love?