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emerna – so far away in me lyrics


the deep sacrosanct dejection,
in my dark majestic love.
a blackest sightless silence smites,
my so soft slothful screams.
researching in nought-lands,
the gracious lost rays of moon.
and wending mourner,
the lightless endless aimless path.

with no truth and lie i think,
to my untruth and unreal exist.
with grief and tear and fear i sleep,
in a dreamlike bosom of who is away.
with wound and sword and blood i battle,
inside of me against myself of dead.
with no and no and no and no and not,
i answer the life’s uncaused questions.

where is my lost ray?

far away i know so far away in nought,
in void, in fiction, in delusion,
in portrait, in song, in poem, in mind.

far away in me so far away in me.