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emilio rojas – classic lyrics


[?] on my hear, iphone in my side
bad hoe on my bed, a5 that i drive
i’m in the dealership daily, them workers know me there
and sales women they kissing me before they blow me
i’m scared to death of commitment yeah that’s my only
i can’t stick with nothing, not long enough to grow a
a lot you owe me but f-ck it we never talking boy
better more cut my losses cause the conversation cost
more, over
we walk [?] offer
[?] will need a garage door
new york in my blood, your girlfriend in my car
so many pounds in my jeans it’s like the queen sucking
my b-lls
my team brushing them off, we don’t wanna be bother
we be rolling round the city with some chicks who need
they father
we riding yeah we riding, getting everything provided
f-ck people, smoking till they eyes are soar
let them know, yeah
cause everything we touch is cl-ssic

we money hungry, only paper that satisfies us
expensive taste and your bank account [?]
you asking why your baby see me like a pacifier
she ain’t always [?] and sucking, her -ss is crying
my life is a blur, i live that high life in the dirt
you stay a [?] my squad type with that work
but they jobs ain’t got no benefits
[?] like they wasn’t listening and the sh-t’s been said
never never get high on your own supply
f-ck it, i’m in a public and living a movie scene
my regrets are worth more than your dreams
move fast all, we got cash all,
we want ipads on our dashboards
we get it popping you never [?] you window shop at the
my women shop at the [?] store, they get anything that
they need
yeah, and that’s the way it’s gonna be,

everything we touch is cl-ssic.