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emmettinspace – admiration (nope, not today) lyrics


1234, 1234!
remember, jet?
ready, kai?
stop f+ckin’ playin

[verse 1]
what the f+ck?
admiration is a thing, you know
highest from that f+cking globe
my shawty tryna, what?
take that line
one more time
boutta dash that b+tch
like i’m doing that sh+t

[verse 2]
kung+fu kenny
we gotchu
we boutta open that bag like some skittles
big d, wait, wait, wait
f+ck you
you right about that “f+ck the big 3”
because it’s only me, alex and nichol
don’t know what to tell you
bro was dissing too much?
bro was dissing too much
jermaine dropped out
i respect for that
but b+tch
k+dot boutta win this battle
you boutta tattle
ov+hoe that, huh?
you really like that record, don’t you
come at me and my brothers
or we be making noise

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