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emperor x – 1.5-meter blockade lyrics


there were no bombs
there were no riots
but i knew
this time’s different
so i h++rded black tea
and cat antibiotics
and i called you:
“is there anything
i could bring home to cheer you up?”

our street’s
unusually quiet
and the birds too
desert monuments
in the black sea
and ice caps in the tropics
but it’s nothing new
we’re all alone next to each other
and we always have been

spring breakers
drove back from the baltic
and the national debt grew
and i got some weird advice
from our sober alcoholic neighbour
he was wearing my old shoes
and he said, “it’s the first warm sat+rday
write to an old friend
then burn the letter
that’ll k!ll the virus
then throw your words into the sun.”

stay outside of a 1.5+meter radius