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empty country – cool s lyrics


[verse 1]
we murdered mikey
he begged and cried
as i took his eyes and then
we kicked him ’til he was quiet
we walked home smoking his cigarettes
knocked down that cottage
it whispers some weird sibilance i guess
it’s the secret pr+nunciation
of the cool s we drew on everything

from silver bridge
tommy leapt in
the gray housatonic
was better than prison

all i feel
is the weight of his hand on my shoulder
all our lives will dissolve
the new moon howls
all the dogs are asleep on the hillside
from seabed black
silent songs
[verse 2]
a few fine old friends
came to my arraignment
their paisley skin
out the window i see
immense shadows of trees
gently sway and pixelate


the rivers look fake
a vanquished country
when i get out of here i’ll be pushing 60

all i’ii feel
is the weight of his hand on my shoulder
all my life l’l be wrong
the ceiling beam
looks so st+rdy and strong and inviting
don’t wait up for me
i won’t be long
all my dreams
run away in the light of the morning
the winter wind full of spring
so don’t ask me
why i did what i did
(what i did what i did)
i guess it was just one of those things

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