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en music – x4 freestyle lyrics


[verse 1]
line looks soft at two, so why am i still getting calls at four?
my yg [? a ?], yeah i ain’t got time, got shows abroad
i’m in norway shutting sh+t down
man, i come to the ends like, “what is this f+ckery?”
this car’s been following us since east
i ain’t tryna say it’s feds, but it must be (aye, aye)
i’ma go in the shop, i’ma grab one juice
i’ma jump out the back, come buck me (one time)
right now, man i can’t be stopped
i’m looking at six due three
i just wanna get p’s from rap
got rich by clients, man i adapt
my albanians link at costa, my yardies link at the barber (hmm)
that’s h+lla plug talking smoke
had the man screaming, “man i ain’t involved” (haha)
gyal know i got everything long (hey bd)
from my hair to fur [?] to my weap’ (big facts)
can’t wait ’til a get a son and we get matching tracksuits and guns
evеn if i made it through this rap ting
still can’t forget that i came through thе slums (never)
my [?] geeza don’t aim wit’ a pumpie quite covers a radius
my guys know when i get p+ssed
you’re gonna feel the power of an albanian
like, ku a? ja qifsha roptë (ku a?)
spin it, and load it, and bang it again (yeah)
three man up in the ride
and we came down here just to dug down ten (hmm)
[verse 2]
aye, dg tracks, i see you cookin’
shqipe, jena rritë ka hoodie (woi, woi)
eastside poppin’ wit’ that money
don’t sleep wit’ that bu+dum+bu+dum+bum, squeeze
only ones that soft and [?]
the man are only badman when their in freeze (haha)
i’m driver or the shooter
i can’t n0body have half+heart interact this beef (no way)
but my og [?] h+lla [?]
man, i bu+dum+bu+dum when i see that g (when i see that g)
more time, man i wanna get p’s
chilling overseas wit’ a sweet one (bad b)
gyalie+gyalie wanna go hakkasan these times
‘cuh they man ain’t got no bands (shh, shh)
b+tch i grew up in the hood
four wings and chips, my brudda, i’m good (i’m aight)
everybody verbal, say they be doin’ this and that
when i step through, bruddas just look
i can make phonecalls, i can give green lights
but more time, my g’s stay leaning (leaning)
don’t act up on the road, if your mum made food
i don’t think you’re gonna make it (hmm+hmm)
coney got a bachelor’s in ‘dem statements (sh+t)
do it for the [?], won’t do it for your bredrin
cross man, put him on the tree or repent him
hold on, hold on (hold on, hold on)
[verse 3]
i can show this b+tch around london
but she wanna go play the opp’s songs
i don’t f+ck with a lot of man
but the few man i f+ck with, won’t get away touched (big facts)
spend bands on designer or guns
and it makes no sense, can’t f+ck it [?]
man i’m freaky, gotta run all fours
l!cking around, now she loves albanians (no cap)
telling me that it’s all love
but [?] all fake, so allow that chat
tell this b+tch “don’t compare yourself to the gang”
my gang ride+out, you won’t
still got food, eight [?]
i need four bricks, i don’t need no wife
i can never put gyal over my slime (slime)
in the t+house on the phone
one hand in my trousers, just lotion and gyal
hid a brick phone in the background
so i left it on silent, the neighbours nosey (prr)
[?] look at the window and keep that pokey
my hands sweatin’ in this latex
and it’s only been two mintues since the joke ting
these albos wanna be gang
they ain’t ready for the war when i dump off six (woi, woi)
i can’t sleep on no violation
blue tape tryna leave a [?] on the pavement
the feds looking at [?]
i’m the leader of this organization (no cap)
can’t wait ’til the day ’til we move out the hood and tell my family we made it