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enj the terrifying muse – cherry lyrics


i really wanna die
like, thinking about staying alive is just wow
[verse 1]
such a burden having to worry about my own well being
i swear i’m not trying to be a downer
i just can’t. i+ i just can’t
all these supposed responsibilities i have to take care of everyone here
it’s exhausting, i can’t do this anymore
i’m the kid, not the adult
[verse 2]
thinking about what to eat three times a day makes my skin crawl i’m tired of living here
it’s not their fault they need me here but
why am i supposed to put everything on hold until evеryone gets their sh+t togеther?
i can’t anymore
[verse 3]
i’m tired i’m tired
i can’t even say what i think anymore it’s exhausting to have to be grateful for it all
i swear i didn’t ask to be born
[verse 4]
i mean come on, i mean come on!
how are you not tired of having to worry about things that have to do with this stupid prison i didn’t want to be in
this body is the worst
[verse 5]
eating, p++ping, sleeping is so exhausting, jesus f+cking christ i+
i feel confined by the limits of what is supposed to be real like things i can touch
why can’t i just exist out of everyone’s perception?
i can’t even fathom the idea of them thinking of me as something i know i’m not
i mean come one, i mean come on
just let me go, i wanna go