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epica – deep water horizon lyrics


deep water horizon

we have to wait
for a dying day
full of black decay
we’ll find a way
to become aware
breathing tainted air
we change the lanes
in every second of our lives

we lost our minds
we’ll taste the water brine
all for the silver shine
can’t stay the same
should end this bl–dy game
bare in the venom rain
to fuel the greed to feed the hungered has it’s price

there’s the feeling once again
the day where black and white began
await the ending of our everlasting violence
we’ve all been healing from the pain
from all the misery and constraint
we’re inhaling fumes again
so don’t deny it

lies will unwind
the verity you’ll find
upon the moor resigned
primary gain
comes with a thousand slain
all for the greater vain
without the horror causing hazard we’ll survive

whatever lies ahead
we will face tomorrow
then every all delusions end

all of this was foreseen
give in
have to break the chain of grief

born to be free
you decide
all are free
time to chance
nothing or all
the clock is racing on
the pace is very strong
our borrowed time is gone
the dawn of sharing all our power has arrived

we’re all inhaling fumes again
and there the black and white will end

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