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esperanza spalding – hold on me lyrics


hold on me

i can hold my tongue for years, i don’t mind
for in the night time silent i recite thousands of poems about you
until one of them comes true
i can hold my breath for years, i won’t get blue
on sweet sigh from you
in my memories the breath of life baptizes me through
till the air is clear enough to breathe ’round you
i’ll keep holding on

such a thrill when you’re near
but a staggering feet
holding still when i feel
[?] i can hear my heartbeat, your love may never flow my way
still i’m gonna keep holding on

shouldn’t i just let go
since there’s nothing left to do
time just melts away and the current grows stronger
pulling me downstream toward you
but until my love runs dry
i’m gonna keep holding on
holding on, i can’t help myself when you’re near,
my head goes wild and my heart beats like an eager child
i keep holding on, holding on