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ess vee – new heights lyrics


showman what’s good, good lookin out by the way
ess vee

[verse 1]

i’m from dirty jerz, ess-x county to be exact
where i be cutting loose up in the booth to stay intact
i’m tired of freestyling for free so where’s the money at
so i can see my foes turn to friends with they funny act
where the honeys at, where’s the fancy cars
where’s my money at so i can buy the bar
what is life like a superstar
i don’t know but i’m a soon find out
and when i do, what it do, let my crew wild out
cause i’m coming from dirt nothing, was ready to hurt something
i’m ready to birth something, you say we deserve nothing (what)
but the truth is they really just scared
most things that i have seen will leave your vision impaired
i flow with all my confidence no consequence that nonsense
since i’m gonna be the topic since your conscious will be rockin this
i mean only honest this just common when you bop to this
i peep the people watchin this they love it and they on to this


i know what it is when that it feels right
you know what it is when i grab that mic
and we know it is when you catch that flight
let the music in bringing in new heights


just gimme the mic, and let me go ham and do what i do
i put up a fight, i demand respect for me and my crew
whenever i write, i write like i ain’t got nothing to prove
i carve my name you feel the groove
just give me a choice and i choose not to lose
this is that dangerous flow, this that aim and let go
if i get at you then you better pray that you know
somebody to tell me to slow my role
cuz when i go off you gon’ need damage control
my flow is dumber than cole, see i’m workin like tommy you better get off of me costing me time from my goal (hol’)
enjoying my life right now
no stress no fights right now
i know a couple of clowns
who run through that snow like a couple of plows
c0ke heads, but i’m cool with the dope heads
lookin cool on my moped, ride around like i got no legs, go ‘head
i’m just spittin my life, you write those words just to fill up a verse
oh you rockin ice, in the wrong hood you fill up a he-rs-
back in high school used to leave out the cl-ss, to hit on the nurse
always nice with words, bit of a nerd, a gift and a curse