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estuary – a disease called dogma lyrics


under the banner of the righteous
let all kingship reside
within the shadow of this new faith
dark feeds the light
the fair malign, the truth it binds
its lies enchant the mind

avert your eyes children of the sun
take to the dim lit halls
of preaching fears and symbols

your ancestor’s heroes are all here you’ll see
we’ve only renamed them to stall out the liars
you’re deemed unworthy, born lost in sin
kneel now or be thrown to redemption

death by fire shall be the punishment
a religious political motive infecting like a plague
burn in fire with all the sinful dead
question not these methods, let the epidemic spread

hosts of angels help guide this blinding path
they look just like you, it’s so easy to accept
give your life now to this divine rule

ancient symbols stolen from olden times
riddled with the human form to ease the pressing of their minds
where are the signs where is the real truth?
the parables are still intact, but sung to different tunes
what makes this faith the sole exception?
all those tales that came before were of the devil’s antic+p+tion

bend your knee and submit, let the epidemic spread

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