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evans blue – thank you lyrics


thank you

building, shaping
shallow fallacy
render hate
to cure wrath as we
find new ways
redefine duality
desperate to relate
rewrite me
fire finds me
doubt burns without defense
wire blindly
well.. here i go again

but i can’t go back in time tonight
i see the ashes of my life

thank you
hate you
in a cage inside my only life
and i blame you
escape you
fear and truth, inside divided
hey you
well i just wanted to thank you

chasing shattered
p-ssing memories
right or wrong
i need the company
comfort me, come between
come from beneath
fate is not afraid
it’s the enemy

liars find me
words come without regret
wired blindly
well.. here i go again

shielding then using
the words of an enemy
truth is the lie in disguise
pleasing then choosing
the words for a remedy
keeping your ghost in my life