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every time i die – holy book of dilemma lyrics


holy book of dilemma

insect l-st or insect love. there’s no telling them apart if you’re not a
bug. but from down here i can see the gears the guts of the watches, molecular
tiers. now if you’re a bug in insect love then you only do things with other
bugs. but if it’s l-st (and survival is a must) then the things that you do are
to other bugs. there are laws built into the nest and this is the crux of it.
but how do you apply this to the world? we are given too much room to be
expected to do only good. we are more curious than bold and we were quiet
before we went cold. animal art or animal sh-t? boot legged thoughts or
collegiate wit? it all looks the same if it ain’t holy writ. but from up here i
can see the gears, where the guts of the clocks mimic heavenly spheres. our
mathematics and our faith are just ways of devouring sp-ce while we continue to
devolve. separate hearts are the whole of the law.

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