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evidence – i still love you lyrics


this for you ma
i miss you so much

just being real with it
i love you ma
we celebrating the life of jana taylor

i still love you we together

ma where ya body is not where ya soul is
i understand this concept 100%
so it’s a celebration…yes
don’t visit where you lay its not where you rest
you always told me this bodies a sh-ll
we sons and daughters of god there’s no heaven or h-ll
its misguided energy
never born never die
but some get led down the wrong path mentally
too good for the earth
and when i say i love you now just don’t know what it’s worth
if you ain’t here to hear it
i am i being selfish or being fearful
and some days don’t even know what i’m here for
cause all my goals were based around you
every dream a son dreams for his mom he wants to do
i keep telling myself you’re in such a better place
but i’m having a hard time not seeing face to face
first mother’s day without you
woke up feeling doubtful
a lot of hate and pain has been the outcome
it ain’t been a year wounds opened far from healed
starting to feel scars from scabs pealed
it’s the worst hand you can be dealt
and if you make it past that sh-t you gon be felt
not a day goes by not an hour doesn’t ring
bells and memories of the qualities you bring
you hear with me, beautiful voice i hear like whitney
i’m on my grind ma till the angels come get me

i still love you we together
jana taylor is forever

[radio sample of interview with evidence’s mom]