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evilfeast – iconoclast eminence lyrics


they increased to force the souls, i stood in comparison
with them
they wanted to seize my pride, it aroused the inner fire
they tried to lower this land, we have upraised to
cleanse it
they replaced honour by comp-ssion, we’ll repay them with
they stained the woods with blood, i want to see their
blood in streams
they have made my heart burning, let their temples be
my hatred is a river which sweeps away the vermin
let the storm evoked by a thousand ones make the sea open
and absorb those which number transformed weakness into
seeming might
who has made the cross this throne of a f-cking feeble
jewish sc-m
makes me dethrone him with all of my acts
their rejoice begets the black misanthropy
a thirst for their decease is a basis of what i won’t see
though it will rise one day as a proud crowns of trees
to lacerate heavens and make our ranks pure
be the sword on sanct-ties… be the hammer on christ…

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