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evillaire – do my dance lyrics


flexxcult records
mm, evillaire

i got all the b+tches and i got all the f+cking swag
i look inside my pockets and you know them b+tches filled with cash
i’m with a hexiana, in the club, little shawty shaking ass
i walk inside the function, and you know that i’m gon’ do my dance
smoking on some sh+t that’ll f+ck around and make a n+gga lose his hands
i’m blowing on exotic while i’m thinking about them dividends
shawty want to leave with me, she say that she want to blow this man
but i can’t right now, little baby, know i got to get it in
i’m deep off in the party and i’m hexed up with my brother, d+mn
i can’t f+ck with n+ggas, h+ll nah, i don’t f+ck with none of them
this n+gga talking crazy, beat his ass bad with this jimmy jam
i hit the whip then do it, up my fire and then leave him where he stand
supreme on my f+cking hat, baby, can you make it clap?
buss it baby, throw it back, go ahead, b+tch, do it like that
i like it when you move it, baby, make me want to throw racks
i’m hexed up, going stupid in the party with the pole, strapped

hex mafia

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