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fabolous – really tho lyrics


“really tho”

i’m just speaking for myself
and the real n-gg-s like me

if you ain’t with a real n-gg-, then who are you with?
how you ride doesn’t matter what kind of car you get?
i love my real b-tches, f-ck the fake hoes
i be asking god why he even make those?
real real real re really tho
real real real re really tho
real real real re really tho
real real real re really tho

[verse 1:]
me and my n-gg-s talkin’ sh-t at the pool table
wanna know who sat these nerds at the cool table?
who let these unimportant hoes in the vip?
who let these little n-gg-s in? i need to see id
real real real re really tho
these lames never paid attention so they really owe
i know some r&b b-tches that can really blow
turkey burgers and hot chocolate, really ho?
when sh-t get real now then it’s “i’m just playin'”
when people hating now then it’s “i’m just sayin'”
fake this and fake that got you feeling yourself?
you can’t be real with me, you ain’t even real with yourself


[verse 2:]
me and some fly girls chillin’ where the bar is
wanna know when y’all gon’ stop treasuring garbage?
when they gon’ get they own and stop minding our biz?
when these bride of chucky dolls became barbies?
real re re re i’m really certain
if everybody a boss, then who’s really workin’?
if they say they got that raw sh-t, that really mean
them white squares is stepped on, billie jean
rather a real enemy than a fake friend
rather know for sure, than be mistaken
one thing you should know, when you play the game
lies always change, the truth stay the same