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fall – it’s the new thing! lyrics


my boys take what i say
do it the studio way
new equipment all clean
new gear
clothes mean
i answer and take the calls
no trouble with the law
turn it up for interviewers
oh yeah prime movers
i wonder what is next year’s thing?
crash smash crash ring

they’ve got another side
pop heroes of the mind
while you suckers queue or work
money for us and play it up
we have never sold out
spent hours on a clever act
phoney advertising quotes that make you buy some raise your hopes
that it’s the new leather thing
crash smash crash ring

the broken backs of the real bands
a million closed minds
weep for the old glam
year of the average man
the worst died because of you
along with some others too
erasing off our rainbows
we are men, we have big toes!
it’s the new leather thing
crash smash crash ring

houdini believed his tricks
that is why he died
oh i’m not coming out
there may be a film on tonight
or eliot’s untouchables
as for new hotels
look like science fiction films or revival gothic pigswill
watch the skies, what to think
crash smash crash ring
[bramah:] rocket! / rock it!

it’s the new leather thing
ba ba ba doo…..
new leather thing