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fartbarf – warp whistle lyrics


[produced by fartbarf & florian ammon]

[verse 1]
it’s picture perfect yet it feels just like a game
i see you stop and call him-
i see him stop and come in
he puts his quarter down and tries to steal your fame
i see you drop a coin in-
two joysticks, only one grin
it’s just us kicking back, but it don’t feel the same
i see him drop and pull in-
you seem to fall back again
your grips are slipping but you’ve got no one to blame
oh no, he pulled the right pin
and you go flying

do what you gotta go do. do what you’re doing.(pow! pow!)
do what you gotta go do. you call his power play
do what you gotta go do. do what you’re doing.(pow! pow!)
it’s sudden death until the end and you’re no longer friends

he sees you gunnin’ – off he goes a runnin’ again
all this time of fun and – off he goes to grab all his friends
waiting for a challenge – 5 dollars for 20 tokens
unload at some skeeball – watch him die at world eleven

[verse 2]
you’ve waited months – it seems like years you’ve had to train
and now it’s paying off big
he’s squealing like a stuck pig
you make your move and put him down at his own game
he quits when you give him grief
and he dies tryin’



(musical break)