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father – new girl lyrics


[verse 1: keith charles spacebar]
as i get deeper in vices
i’m shouting f-ck the advice
screaming f-ck an opinion
driving drunk with no licence
she got work in the morning
shit whats up with tonight then
let the light through the moon roof
i find those lips so intising
hey, what the roommate look like, put a n-gg- on
see ya’ need to go
let a n-gg- be, like we don’t get along
just an upcoming actress
just a thespian lesbian
can’t be pacing myself, i just be ron artest-ing it
run up through that, run up who that
she can’t say n-o
keep asking who that
let me take a picture don’t f-cking move that
now where my shoes at, hit the door
now where the move at

[hook: father]
all that -ss on you girl
i can’t p-ss on you girl
batting lashes from the new girl, i might smash on you girl
you can’t p-ss on this new girl
yeah, that -ss on you girl
hope this last long ooh girl
ooh girl, say ooh girl
i’m not your n-gg-, not your man
i said come f-ck with your boy
say ooh girl, ooh girl
that -ss on you girl (x2)

[verse 2: keith charles spacebar]
okay i’m on it, i’m on it
but her girlfriend she on it
her eyes keep rolling
head to the whip, and i admit i’m a little vulgar
at a red light yelling calling b-tches over
if you ain’t know girl you dancing with wolves the finest wool
shabashi boxers, paid to f-ck my d-ck designer too
yo call yo’ girls at aiu, and we can make a movie
invite these past hoes, that won’t p-ss on f-cking with the new me
you f-cking knew me, say it

[hook: father]

ooh girl, say ooh girl
ooh girl, ooh girl
say ooh girl, ooh girl
that -ss on you girl (x2)