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fawn limbs – twitching, lapsing lyrics


there is no meaning. there is no purpose in what we’ve been put through. our memories shuffled out of sequence, the timeline expands and contracts at a sporadic but accelerating pace. we came here for ourselves and nothing more. reach the frontiers of reason to be captured and relieved. cherish me and leave this nook behind, now. twitching hour, clinging to еvery tatter of recollеction, whether real or imaginary. lapsing farther, drifting between visions of burning mountains of dead men and our families left longing. i’ve forgotten which came first, but is it of importance? all falls out of sequence, all is indifferent. i arrange my thoughts to suit the current narrative. they were on fire when i got here, and nothing more. twitching hour. i came here for myself and nothing more. lapsing farther. i came here for myself

“when i stood up, i immediately sank to my knees. the fresh wound throbbing, my chest pulsating, i hurled and fell down, face+first to the ground. everything went black. i fumbled around as if i was blind; my feet couldn’t sustain my own weight, so i dragged myself onwards on the scorching soil. it felt like swimming in a sea of fire. my ears picked up a gallop in the distance, intensifying, acceding. i rolled onto my back when out of nowhere, a pale hoof struck my face, breaking my nose and some t++th. i bawled in distress, as this stampede of an unrecognizable, wilted, and ashen shoal of mammals fled over me. just when i thought i’d meet my end now, a branch impaled the gravel and my back, intertwining around my spine, slowly lifting me up from the ground. i floundered in haste but to no avail, and before i knew it, i was so high up that i could tell apart the growing mountains on the horizon.”