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fbg duck – free my niggas lyrics


aye, free all my n+ggas (yeah, yeah)
my n+ggas is my n+ggas, man (gang)
turn up

look, f+ck the judge
let my n+ggas free (free my n+ggas)
free my brotha, b+tch he otg (yah)
free my n+gga, baybay mob (yah, whoo)
free og haitian, b+tch he obe (squad, gang, gang)
they know not to let my n+ggas free (nah, fbg sh+t)
it’s gon be a body every week (blaow, fbg b+tch)
free c+ball and wee wee
talking chicken, b+tch they ebg (yah)

[verse 1]
heard n+ggas talkin’, but they really never knew (nah)
how these n+ggas talkin’ must be thinking i’m a goofy (how, goofy)
before this rap sh+t, i was a shoota (bow!)
since you n+ggas smokin’ tooka
might as well smoke some nuski (wow)
rapping got my pockets fat, sumo (whoo, money)
sippin’ on some red of the you know (whoo, blood money)
put some xans in it to make me move slow
if i take another sip, it’s gon put me next to pluto (godd+mn)
opp b+tches calling, tryna stalk me (b+tch)
i think they tryna set me up
that sh+t baldy (that sh+t dead)
but i’m never lackin’, got it on me (bow!)
you can catch all face shots like j+money (thaow!)
(free all my n+ggas, man)
(clout up!)

[verse 2]
boy, this sh+t not sweet where i’m from
don’t get bodied (st. lawrence)
please don’t let them pump your f+cking head up like no shotty (don’t know that boy)
n+gga, we ain’t playin’ with n0body (no)
you get stuffed in a broom up your ass if you on folly
boy, i hope you got yo goons
n+gga, f+ck your mop, i got my broom
p+ssy boy, let’s send it to the moon (take off with it)
i’ll send your ass to meet patoon
goofy ass n+ggas be talkin’ that dummy sh+t
pull up in hundred vics, dumpin’ sh+t, slumpin’ sh+t
leave em with donkey heads (bloaw!)
i got em scared like kids that’s young as yo b+tch
i’m the monster that’s under the f+cking bed (whoo, aww)