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fear of god – betrayed lyrics


when the night comes
run away
when the night fall calls out our name
the l-st you feel
has caused pain
silent in the morning light
go home to your betrayed

when the night comes
run and hide
when the night falls
get inside
it belongs to the betrayed
who can’t decide
to live or die
something’s on their
it doesn’t matter
they’re just k!lling
i like the way the knife feels in your back

words fall
between us
lying in the dust, no trust
their shadows cover us
recite this vow together
swear on
our souls forever
in nothing, in no one. can we trust

without mercy
without pity
we silently stalk
the streets of
the city looking for you
i am betrayed. you will feel my rage
you f-cking godd-mn king of the world