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feat black thought nneka – god knows why (feat. black thought) – nneka lyrics


you say you are feeling me
camuflage killing
civilization to the extent of imprisoning me
freedom is what you speak
your god, is whom i seek
for all you have, you have because someone else grief
impose your lies on me nothing is left of me
a living dead to function in your in your own reality
in my head, i picture paradise, jehovah and the antichrist
these are the end of the days.
your footprints engraved in the pavement of a demonic ways
pump me with your droug, so i cannot feel me
take back all your love, for you have deceived me
you compite with god

god knows why/ only god knows why/oh god knows why/god knows why.

black boy like richard wright
i am just a product of a different type of living life
i am just a public enemy, that don’t believe the hype
i am from the jungle, where some people never see the light
i guess we nocturnel, black fire files, might burn you a while i serve you with the diatrive
i got this message to to deliver to the riot squad, just to let them know i answer to a higher god.
self style, man child in the promise land, starring like a child soldier on a sonogram.
he is in a feeble position, bow and needle precision, it is destiny it was writen.


turn the stone into bread, in the wilderness i hunger
give me more of it for my l-st goes far, eyonda (after life)
i stole the apple of wisdom, i now see i am naked
i have no shame, i have made love, i am no longer sacred
burn the incense, prays to the sun, pay is intense, and so i lie i mourn
what is love, where is love, who is love, is it god… whatever
where is god, in this world of deceit, would we find, would we ever defeat, the dark is in the heart of mankind
the black in it