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fen – half-light eternal lyrics


illumination wavers in the strengthening grip of dusk-
darkness summoned something more than dreams and empty promises
every blade and bole turns towards the fading light
and all freeze to capture this moment in eternal clarity

around and around the centuries thunder
revolutions of earth and stone, oceans rise and fall
the waves of life flow high tide and beyond
this crystalline second still warm on the retina of remembrance

bruised and melancholy is the moment
that stains these skies
ash will saturate the bones of our footsteps echo
sandstorm future melts through the half-light tangle
the end retreats ever onwards, suspended in fire
shadowed by ages, enthroned in forever
this hour, this minute, this second
this very second

every memory furrows through the folds of time
shadows aflame with resonance before your eyes
now branded by the sharpened nature of his night