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filnobep – love letter 2 birdman lyrics


[verse 1]
birdman, i feel like we have grown apart
we never had a heart to heart so i just wanna start
ignore the talks of the checks you sent being sort of short
it never was about the money i just want your heart
carter 5 sound dated and that’s all your fault
you got me stressing out, daddy i been going bald
we used to meet up after dark, we’ll sit and pop a cork
used to court me to dates and now our dates in court
yeah, your new man got a rico charge
and gunna went and told it all so he’ll be gone for long
i know you lonely so i wish you would pick up the phone
and ask me to comе home, baby i’ll run home
and when i gеt there, i won’t have no drawers on
i’ll even wear that same dress that thugger had on
just make sure you put on cologne, i want the dome
i’m about to act a badonkadonk, shamone shamone
100 (aw aw)
all there (all there)
feel like loves in the air (love in the air)
brrrrrr, you smell that? (you smell that?)
weezy, you know i love you (i love you pleybwoy)
i bought you something (check that box)
check that box, pleybwoy
i bought you a pair of them big ass boots (big boots)
them big ass red boots (with the big b’s)
make you look like astro boy (brrrr)
’cause you my astro boy, pleybwoy (100)
aw aw, aw aw (rich gang)
put something in the air (rich gang or don’t bang)
light a candle in the air
yeah yeah

[verse 2]
birdman, you told me you would never leave
was looking for you but i heard you was with jacquees
he say that he the new king of r&b
daddy, i think that n+gga in more drugs than me
why you signing all these look a likes?
it’s either that birdman or you must have a type
i know you can’t really read so i ain’t wanna type
i had to put it on a beat and ride it like a bike
i stopped wearing skinny jeans, you used to say they tight
you said you love to watch me leave but that won’t be tonight
i thought you told me it was ymcmb for life
you should get down in your knees
ask me to be your wife
mannie fresh look like a fat wanda sykes
look up a picture of her, bet you say he kinda right
and you never kissed juvenile ’cause his breath stank
i love you daddy, i don’t care what the rest think
aw aw (aw aw)
100, tunechi
daddy love you too (daddy love you)
i, emoji heart, letter u
young thug was just a fling (just a fling)
jaquess was just a fling (just a fling)
you the real thing (you the real thing, pleybwoy)
now take them big ass shorts off (take em off)
imma get you a stylist
imma get you a barber (upgrade your lifestyle)
ymcmb, rich gang
rich gang or don’t bang (blat!)
take them ugly ass clothes off, pleybwoy
put on them big red boots i just got you (yeah yeah)
yeah you look good in them big red boots
big b’s (big b’s)
i don’t wanna hear no more about your budget (your budget done)
that’s done with (no more carter)
your budget mine, brrr
i love you
rich gang (blat!)