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fire in the spoof – cypher 6 lyrics


[verse 1: arthur]
i’ll be like hey
what a wonderful kind of day
just caught two ops
that could be an m and m
go get a doctor like dre
and i know francine wanna be bae
but she bust it for buster last week
so i laughed in her face
and i said no way
mums p-ssed i ain’t been school all week
what can i do when the t house in quay
do dirt then pattern the alibi
where’s the belly cah i’ve got an appet-te
i got a rucksack with these packs in
and i got a brukback like i’m paralysed
i see these fire in the spoof freestyles
and i can’t lie i get mad inside
i’ll be like bob what’s your marriage like
and see what he can build when i pap his wife
the b-tch c-nt take the tip like bad advice
i ain’t too sure what sam is like
sam can’t manage like allardyce
right hold up let me -n-lyse
ring up your ting then my d-ck gets sucked
run up on sam in that big red truck
drag him out that then the pr-ck gets jooked
bob don’t wanna buck this guy
i’ll give these man a free copy
of the hustlers guide
no health and safety there’s steel in the boot
when i pull up on a mans construction site
you think i couldn’t drive how i cut inside
if corn fly’s better duck and dive
he said that he’s on job
but i do more drills than bosch better-

[verse 2: george pig]
arthur your a good yout
gcse you got cbb’s
i’ll put the snout to your tummy and sneeze
achoo, bless you, pardon me
dw, my groupie
gave her the laa laa, gave her po
gave her tinky winky on the low
and dip like teletubbies
aardvark please
this is real life here not no tv shoe
art attack when i let mine go
fireman sam how i spray my hose
you wanna diss my guy, didn’t know that’s bro?
you need to camouflage when i see you on road
and we don’t care if you snitch
push your wig to the back, ad lib
keep it trill, george foreman his grill, peppa that pig
smoke his bacon no walkers crisps
real g’s they know what it is
get ketchup on the blade when i aim for the ribs
f-ck tgi’s i don’t care what day it is
that little piggy hit the market
but this little piggy hit the target
this little piggy like to roast beef
aim it up and the clart it
alphablock know man a wordsmith
borrow the ak and burn it
couldn’t care for no verdict

[verse 3: inkling boy]
splat! man aim for the tummy
i just wanna see man deceased
when i hit you with the red or green
you’ll be looking like a christmas tree
no presents for me
i just wanna see man asleep
everyday it’s halloween
knock down doors, give man treat
but this treat ain’t a sweet
this treat goes braaaaaap
make man fall to his knees
keep dodging, dodging
yeah i’m a bludclart tease
please, mandem move bolt on streets
neeks, got eyes on an opp it’s ink
imma just wait for the wink
shower man, like afro hair my man shrink
think, cah my super soaker my best friend
see man get rinsed
told them it’s not a game of it, it’s splat
all this paint on your body
that’s my graphic design
some say i went over the line
nah b i’m just ahead of my time
opp stop, get booka-bye-bye
that’s an octoling down
look how his body lay flat like lounge
all my dogs in a dog pound
all my dogs in a dog pound

[verse 4: big chucky]
this good guy died long time, you dumb
pin drop location gets spun
op block get circled on peds
i’m pedding, child play, over, done
ching man down in front of his mum
couldn’t give two sh-ts if you call him son
man i sn-tch that wig and soul
while i’m at it
wet, wet, wet, wet, wet, can’t run out of breath
i ain’t asthmatic, drillin addict
voodoo doll come test this magic
2 foot nothing, still won’t have it
rambo long, named it t-tanic
it sinks in pr-cks, yeah
deep breath as i push and twist
knife game i’m a specialist
big chucks moving devilish

[verse 5: yg chucky]
yg chucky
bury that rat in the rug with a tommy
twin rambo, phill and lil
see man i put these things in your tummy
tell man c-m, if you ain’t ever had s-x
then you probably wouldn’t get that one
went over your head
have you ever stepped with the tommy
where the strap goes over your head, hmm
on the frecks on my face
man can’t send no threats to my face
buss champs buss case
man know chucky with the bucky i’m bait
fall to your knees
man a rugrat but i don’t talk to police
you’re a big informer 40 fi squeeze
gas, man just fart on the beat
athlete, man just fast on your feet
it’s a shut down, control alt and delete
give verbal then involve the police
what kind of foes are these?
gangster? what kinda mould are these?
big rambo make your mum sew cardees
and the rifles grease up
i soak all these
all of these so called g’s

[verse 6: arthur]
i’ll be like hey
what a wonderful kind of-
scr-p that let me do one better
run this little pig down with the cheffer
he’s just so salty ’cause i’m peppering peppa
you said that i’ll catch one in my ribs
but i’ll open your chest
like i’m looking for treasure
pull out the snub nose
put it to your snub nose
cah i do drills like black and decker
man know i’m a twisted bandit
yeah i done had that stick then banged it
home invasion on christmas day
when they’re in bed
tryna catch pigs in blankets
active you ain’t sh-t don’t talk
man fly birds like stalk
gets on top then he bottles it like cork
and your sister’s p-ssed man don’t eat pork
he’s talking that talk
on road is he really walking that walk
5 bills on a valentinos
that’s a monkey i know you’re curious george
nah you ain’t putting in no work on the wing
bare verbal you ain’t on this ting
and if the pigs did catch george pig
then he’d turn into george michael then sing
and why does your top say cp
’cause you don’t see p
and your trap line don’t ring
run for your life if i grab that thing
your a snitch
and you sing with the police like sting
i don’t wanna have a long talk
with babylon george
f-ck that let me grab a longsword
yeah i’ll stick that in your stomach
then aim to d-liver like amazon store

[verse 7: george pig]
yo king arthur
‘low the stories
you likkle aardvark with no glory
you likkle vegan, telling porkies
gonna have to hot man up tandoori
now i see red like chicken tandoori
you make me sick like rick and morty
don’t think you’re safe ‘cos your in elementary
your little sis kate comes to my nursery
ask mr. ratburn if i won’t flip and turn, dark
raise up the 40 on a virgin, bark
pork chop bodies in half
leave two aardvarks in a pair like noah’s ark (come on)
how about you beat my sis i ain’t never been a mook
the only time pork belly ever got jooked
is when you watched big cook and little cook
i’ll be like hey
what a wonderful day to spray ak’s like fizz lemonade
put bodies in bags and carried away
horror time, this child don’t play
i’ll be here all day
i’m gonna splash this yout
‘cos i know who’s wetter
comments online gonna hashtag
(george is better!) mm
so huff and puff won’t blow my house down
i spit roast blocks then circle back round
skrrt these hogs like pumbaa’s in town
grrr, grrr, grrr, how the dino tooth sound
blurt blurt blurt when i duck a man down
know i’m dirt ‘cos the mud i roll round
my team top so best you climb down
names king george and i never back down