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fixx – happy landings lyrics


it takes a whole night of moonlight
to shine on the path of my fate
one tiny sign to align me with time and sp-ce
when i’m hiding from somebody somewhere
when i’m scared on my feet
it takes sadness with all the delights
to make a whole day complete… so

happy landing you’ve been there
welcome back from disarray
take my hand now to somewhere
take me on, take me on, take me so far away

it takes more than a full tank of gas
to drive away from the past
we keep making promises
knowing they just can’t last
are we tiring of pleasures
designed to keep our heads in the sand
if you’re out there in orbit, alive
now’s a good time to land… so

happy landings, you’ve been there…

rise from the ashes of fires started so long ago
keep your chin up and cheer up
cause life springs from the glow!

if the truth of the matter lies
deep in our hearts
are we waiting for luck to decide
when light breaks the dark… so

happy landings you’ve been there…
where you’ve been
where you are
where you’re going to