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flammeus – smooth talking fiber (live from studio tónak) lyrics


[verse 1]
the jury smelled it all along
they saw you couldn’t tell right from wrong
emotion was futile
so you spun them a new style
from your smooth talking fiber

[verse 2]
and when you left her on the floor
feeling sorry, feeling sore
hey mister mister
don’t you know you should’ve kissed her
with your smooth talking fiber

[verse 3]
your ears are filled with little birds
who’ve heard what you can do with words
and when the cold would upset her
you would knit her a sweater
from your smooth talking fiber

you were everything that she ever loved
but you just ain’t the same as you were;

[verse 4]
your love was crafted for the past
while hers was made to everlast
she knows the scent that you’re masking
but she’s cold, she’ll keep asking
for your smooth talking fiber