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flatsound – a million missed calls lyrics


i called you up again today, and you didn’t pick up
it’s weird, it’s…
i didn’t expect it to happen this quickly, you know?
the thought of, uh, growing apart
before we ever really knew each other
and now, you know, now i don’t f-cking have a life
i sit here, and i worry about myself so much
that it’s almost offensive when other people worry about me

but you, it was…
it was different with you
it’s like i wanted you to care
i wanted you to be nosy, i wanted you to be there
and i know it’s stupid of me to say that you don’t care
i mean, of course you do, but
i want you to care so much more
i want you to care so much that it annoys me, you know?
that it annoys everybody around us

[verse 2]
so all you really left me with was an empty chest
and all i left you with was a million missed calls
but that’s okay, because one day, you’ll know that i tried
and at the end of each day, i can rest my head easy
telling myself that i tried