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flatsound – cross on my mind lyrics


i used to take the bus to the ocean
to the spot you said to meet
i walked past everyone i didn’t want to see

and with the sun at its departure
and your body close to me
every word was spoken nervously

i know you never really liked people
i didn’t mean to make that worse
i’d give everything i am for who you were

i’ve got a cross buried in my mind
swaying with the morning breeze
crucify my baby while i sleep

and i know that time is against us
but we really need to speak
’cause i’m so sick of waking halfway through an apology

i’m sorry for the letter
i didn’t expect you to respond
i guess that’s what it’s like when you’re gone

now i’m dying for a friday
one where i actually leave
i still know the roads that take me to your street