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flatsound – hurt me bad lyrics


every day, i think about you
and why you had to turn into
my enemy, when all i need’s my friend

but the one who used to spend the night
and fall asleep before i
ever had a chance to tell you how
how i felt

every morning when i wake up
i feel the sp-ce where your body was
so i won’t think or talk or read
instead, i’ll grow a beard

that way when you see me p-ss
and tell you that you want me back
look at me and see how much i’ve changed
since you left

i don’t miss the shows you watch
or think about the way you talk
and when i hear your name, it doesn’t hurt

but i still go to our favorite spot
but not because i think that you’ll show up
and when the phone rings, i don’t hope that it’s your call
’cause i don’t miss you at all