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flatsound – meow meow meow meow meow lyrics


[spoken word]
last night, you had that dream again
the one where you try and run from your fears
but you can’t, because you’re wearing fabulous stilettos
if i were the boss of you
i’d make you get out of my head for good
but i’m not, so when this ship sinks
i’ll have the comfort of knowing i wasn’t in charge

i don’t want to write a song, i want to write a will
in which you get nothing from me
all i am is a kid in my mother’s closet
looking for an excuse to say
“this doesn’t hurt, at least not anymore”
then hatred, the kind of hatred that makes a father
call his own son a f-ggot
i wish you were dead

there was a light in my closet
i could have sworn the sun was rising
there was a light in my chest
don’t leave me, noah, we had a promise

you told me the universe could help me if i just let it
i told you i made a map of our old house
leading to the x on my stomach
when you cut me open, you’ll find a note that says:
“this is where i hurt”
i found a new way to talk to god

you told me i was brutally murdered in a past life
why did you say it like that?
i haven’t felt the same since

if i were the sun, i’d shine my light on you
and leave the people that hurt you cold
if you were a girl, you’d be a wh0r- who likes to suck d-ck
when i was 15, i overheard my teacher talking to a girl privately
about raising her grade in history
i bet she was a pretty girl

this message was brought to you by all the cats in my life

[cat sounds]
meow meow meow meow meow