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flatsound – outro lyrics



[outro: spoken word]
in second grade, i take that back
in first grade, there was a book
and it was like, a book about a spider
and this, it was this lady spider
with eyelashes and big lips
and it was like the black widow story
and it was a picture book
and it would walk around, and it would eat other bugs
like gr-sshoppers, and ants, and flies
and at the very end, they like burst out of their belly
and you know, all those other bugs would win
but i wouldn’t read that part, ’cause i didn’t like that part
and i’d always be upset when
the other kids were reading that book
i remember going to school
and very much looking forward to reading that book every day
i, i don’t know why
but that was the closest thing i had to a s-xual turn-on