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flatsound – spiders lyrics


last night i had another one of those dreams
the ones where you constantly wake up
only to realize you’re still dreaming
i saw spiders in my sheets –
the fear had woken me up
i jumped out of bed and noticed the spiders were still there
biting at my feet –
the fear had woken me up
i jumped out of bed, checked my sheets, checked my feet
looked my brother in the eyes
and started telling him about my terrible dreams

he then fearlessly pointed at the two enormous love making spiders behind me
taking up most of my wall with their screaming bodies
it sang to me in the key of guns guns guns guns guns
the fear had woken me up once more
i lied there long enough to notice an awful pain in my stomach

if your chest was a wall i’d punch a hole through it
you’re so much prettier than your mothers maiden name;
her wh-r- name, the name she embraced as a wh-r-
i want to watch you rot

but i know that the pain my stomach is still going to be there when i wake up
so what’s the point?
i’d rather go back to sleep and watch those spiders f-ck