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fleetwood mac – eyes of the world (live) lyrics


same old same in this hopeless place
here in the arena of the m-sses
face to face with our fears and faith
who of us will rise up from the ashes

empty eyes here in paradise
can you find the courage to go on
realize in these desperate times
in your struggle you are not alone
’cause we all need to find our way back home

’cause the eyes of the world are watching you
they are searching for someone to follow
yeah, the eyes of the world are watching you
will you lead or just stand in the shadows
will you show them a reason to believe

on display in this grand parade
we just see through human paradigm
no escape from this human race
oh, to break this present state of mind
are you up for trying one more time

repeat chorus

in this grand design
we all long to find
a light to lead us home
i know, that god will lead you safely on

repeat chorus