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florida dame – bruises lyrics


i’m half asleep
one eye open
and both eyes closed
they buried me deep
thirty three down
where n0body goes
in my galaxy heart
oceans of stars
been ripped from my chest
here in the dark
we rise from the dust
then we lay to rest
i’ve got knives in my vanity drawer
and i sing to myself so i feel pretty
i’m not perfect and i wasn’t before
so break me and let me down easy

never, no not tonight
never gonna take me out alive
never gonna take me out alive
no not tonight, not tonight
we’ve all got bruises

digging a grave
pulling up dirt
and covered in soil
no one to save
water and roses
made into oil
i’ve opened my heart
lavender rain sings
over the sea
water will part
footsteps will wallow
leading to me