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flying – our passion is everything lyrics


burning all the limbs
wounding my pulsing heart
carving my soul that doesn’t
belong to me as well as my heart

in you are my feelings
my bright flash
whom i met
on my lonely way

now i’m not the one
i used to be

i don’t recognize myself
in front of me there’s only
the fire that absorbed us
appealing to you who subdued me
as i met the tempest carrying you
how i attracted you dazzling feelings

and your flared up love

before i saw you from afar
but now i’m in you
and the pleasure is great
our world is for us
and the horizon we change
is the display of our piercing,
stormy and rainy feelings

our embraces are eternal
our fire is never dying away
our hope is great, we’re one
our war is inside us
and no one will understand us

for our love is beyond the sp-ce
where our life we create
exploding skies our feelings’ display
our emotions are the hurricane
when we’re gone we will leave rain
my delight is thunder your pleasure is flash
our p-ssion’s in everything!