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ford_kid – reality is sad lyrics


living in this expectation is
and living in this reality is easy too see
evan for the people that can’t
evan see
racism is hard to believe
the sad thing is trumps in presidency
speaking about politics
there’s two perspectives in the world
and one doesn’t get any
respect for the next 4 or 8 years
so we should stop and open
our ears
the good thing is that almost anyone
can beat a fool
and trump drools in his sleep
on his 13 year old son that is like 6

let’s switch up the topic
and talk about ignorant things
that should be listened too by he and her
but trump especially
like how he should say sorry for things that he said on tv and in reality
we got people out here getting judged by profile, and then we guessing salary
that’s hard to believe but it’s easy to see
we got people out here believing
in trump, but they should be believing in how he should be dumped by this country

people are saying thank you to me for teaching this country to not vote for dummy dummy’s, like
mr. trumpy grumpy

this verse is a letter to trump on how he should stop thinking in the past about segregation and how that was good for are nation? trump what are you thinking we should go to regulation back to barrack obama he was good for this nation, he made jobs be a regulation for this country instead of taking them out in the making

this song was mainly about how people should not base people on profile treat everyone the same
with no complaints
and open there ears without

take note to not base people on there looks and profile